Ghalegaun village tour

Ghalegaun village tour

One of the famous indigenous people of Nepal Gurung is located in an eye catching center of the Nepal Himalaya. The world?s famous Annapurna round route lies at this place. The Gurungs, dwellers of Annapurna and Manaslu Himal regions are famous for hard working and their bravery. The Gurungs villages situated in the northern part of the Lamjung district are Nepal?s new distination. Since a decade ago the concept of village tourism , eco- tourism and cultural tourism are being exercised in this region. The guests are treated here with proper hospitality and are served with clean and delicious organic food. Here in all the villages, well furnished rooms and clean toilets are available.


3 Night, 4 Days

We have our own product, which are the result of our hard labour of years. These are explained as:

6 hour travel by vehicle for Besisahar, 2 hour Travel by vehicle for Baglupani/Kapur Gaun, 2 hour walk for Ghalegaun, Welcome by villagers, Welcome Drinks, Dinner Rest. Over Night Ghalegaun (2016m)

Day 2:
Wake up early morning. Follow by tea, Viewing the sunrise, Mt. Annapurna & Manaslu Ranges, Khudi, Medem River valley & many more. Breakfast. Tour to Talangyo Pound & Birds watching. Tour to tea farm, Gurung lifestyle, evening sight scenes, Gurung Culture Entertainment, Dinner/ Rest (Over nigh Ghanpokhara (2100m)

Wakeup early morning, viewing the morning sight scene, Farwell program after breakfast. 3 hours adventure jungle walk, viewing the cliff honey hunting site, Khudi Hydro project Damp & power house site, Batasay cave, lunch, one and half hour walk Khudi river bank for Khudi village Via Tarapu. Swimming at Natural swimming pool. Dinner slideshow program. Rest (over night Khudi 792 m.)

Breakfast 2 and half hours travel by Vehicle for Vimal Nagar, Lunch, Tour to Siddha Cave, 4 hour travel for ktm/ two hour travel for Pkr / two and half hour for Chitwan National Partk, departure


Khudi V.D.C. of Lamjung district is one among the unique tourist spot in Annapurna circuit in Nepal. It's floral & faunal diversity, cluster of villages and Geographic topography are much more sufficient to the visitors for five days.

Most important destinations of this route are Khudi-Jimdo-Siurung - Thakan - Dhagai & Harsing Danda (hill). These spots can be trekked in five days. One can enjoy natural beauty, water falls, different varietiese plants and animals & birds. Besides snow caped mountains, the cultural diversity of local Gurungs and Tamang's are interesting to see. One can experience natural hot spring bath along this routes in addition.


(Great Himalayan Culture Route)
6 Night, 7 Days

Drive to Khudi 7 Hour, Tour to Buddha Monastries, Khudi Bazar Birds watching at Marshyangdi river & Khudi stream Bank. Slide show program about Gurung culture, life style, natural beauty & many more. Over night Khudi (792m)

Day 2:
2 hour adventure village walk for Bhalam Chaur, Fruits Break, Viewing the mountain & river scene, 3 hour adventure jungle walk for Ghale Gaun, welcome by villagers, Lunch, check in, Village tour, Evening Sight scenes, Dinner, Gurung culture Dances, Rest O.N. Ghale Gaun (2016m)

Morning Sight scenes (Sunrise, Mt. Manasalu & Annapurna Range, Hills of 13 districts of Nepal etc.) Farwell program, 1 hour Trek & Tour for Ghan Pokhara, 2 hour Trek for Bhujung School, Viewing the Medem river valley & water falls lunch / Fruits Break Half hour trek for Bhujung village, tour to the Biggest village of Lamjung (365 House), Dinner, Rest. (1500m.)

Breakfast, Half hour walk for medem river, viewing the small hydro project & water falls next to you, 3 hour adventure Jungle walk for Khumredanda, Fruits Break & Lunch, 1.5 hour jungle walk for Pasgaun Village, Tour to Buddha Monastries & View Point, Dinner, Culture Dances, Rest. (1650m)

Breakfast 2 hours adventure Jungle walk for Bagaincha or Rudi Khola (Fruits Break), 1 hour walk for Rabay Danda, Lunch, 2 hours jungle walk for Nagidhar - Pakhurikot, Welcome by Villagers, Cheakin, Tea Break, Evening Sightseeing, Dinner Rest. (1450m.)

Morning sightsceing, Breakfast, farewell program, 1 hour walk for Gahate Village, Fruits Break, 2 hours adventure jungle walk for Thumsikot, Lunch, 3 hours adventure treks for Begnas village, check in, viewing the Begnas lake & evening scene, culture dances after dinner/rest. (1025m)

Morning sight scene, farwell program, 1 and half hour walk for Begnas lake, tour to bank of the lake, half hour drive to Pokhara, departure after lunch.

All these routes are full of natural beauty, cultural richness, floral & faunal diversity.

Honey Hunting Journey

From thousands of years ago, indigenous people Gurung of these reasons are accustomed on cliff honey hunting. No doubt, our heart tremble on viewing the unbelievable scene of honey hunting run at the cliff of height 200 meters only on the support of home made traditional ladder made up of Niyalo and rope of Choyo. October\ November and may\ June are two probable periods of honey hunting in a year.

Autumn season's hunting is done in the low altitude belt. They are nearer from the base. So journey of this seasons' are short generally of 4-5 days long. But high altitude hunting being far from the base are of 5-9 days long.


Day 1 : Travel by bus for Khudi, Lamjung
Day 2 : 4-6 hour's trek to honey hunting village sites.
Day 3 : Adventurous program at the heart thrilling cliff
Day 4 : Farewell program by villagers & Return back Khudi.
Day 5 : Drive to Ktm/Pokhara/Chitwan National Park.


     Honey hunting occurs in very critical natural topography which is generally isolated from human habitation. We have to be well equipped with all food & tents or campaign management including guides, porters & sometimes we have to take help from villagers.

     For well established companies it is possible to buy only hunting programs with certain inclusions like daily allowances for hunters, community charge, life insurance with tents & fooding facilities for them. Provided that they have to manage every necessicities for their groups themselves.

      Note: If you wont details about this program you can visit the website  (under construction)


      We have many honey hunting groups. And we can conduct honey hunting programs about 25 times in about 100 cliffs, with in a season. We have fixed the dates of different seasons for the 2008-2009. In these dates only 20-30 guests in maximum can go for the single trip.

Spring Seasons 2008

  May 1, 2, 4 2008
  May 8, 9, 11 2008
  May 15, 16, 18 2008
  May 22, 23, 25 2008
  May 29, 30 2009
  June 1, 2008
  June 5, 6 2008
  June 8 2008
  June 12, 13, 15 2008
  June 19, 20, 22 2008

Autumn Season 2008

  Oct. 30, 31 2008
  Nov. 1 2008
  Nov. 6, 7, 9 2008
  Nov. 13, 14, 16 2008
  Nov. 20, 21, 23 2008
  Nov. 27, 28, 30 2008

  Dec. 4, 5, 7 2008
  Dec. 11, 12, 14 2008

Spring Season 2009

  April 30, 2009
  May 1, 3 2009
  May 7, 8, 10 2009
  May 14, 15, 17 2009
  May 21, 22, 24 2009
  May 28, 29, 31 2009

  June 4, 5, 7 2009
  June 11, 12, 14 2009
J  une 18, 19, 21 2009

Gurung Culture

In this culture tour one can enjoy the Gurung culture, handicrafts, dance etc. Besides this we can also arrange the cultural activities of other tribes of Nepal like Magar, Newar, Tharu, Darai etc. It may be 5-15 days long.

In cultural aspects  Himalayan region of Nepal, Gurung is in the first. In their daily life during the time of happiness and sorrow they perform different types of traditional dances. for example folk dances Jyaure, Krishna Charitra, Ghatu etc. in the time of happiness and Serka, Gghyabring, Jhankri Nach (with dance) in the time of sorrow.

Hot Spring Tour

Such hot spring are natural & found beside the river beds. This water is safety besides this, due to the preserve of different elements, bathing in these springs are good for health, as they cure arthritics, paralysis uric acid & skin diseases. This hot spring tour is of 3 days, but can be extended further if needed.

Day 1 : 8 hour drive to hot spring village 1.5 hour walk for hot spring pond & back to lodge. Slide show or culture program after dinner.

Day 2 : 1.5 hour walk for hot spring pond & enjoying village tour & viewing the life style of Gurung clan

Day 3 : Wake up early morning & walk to the spring site. Back to lodge & drive to Ktm/Pokhara /Chitwan National Park

home / night way trek

The days & mornings of spring & summer are so hot that, they are not enjoyable at all. So, we have developed night way trek in the light of moon. Snow caped mountains, rivers & chirping of birds are very beautiful interesting to enjoy. During this trek the trekkers will be provided with 2 touch light each along with guide with strong security.

(4 Night, 5 Days)

Basically trekking is done during morning & days time, but the trekking which is done during quiet night hours (6:00 pm - 10:00 pm) in moon-light & dark nights along with cold breeze are very different. One can see night scenes; so night way treks are very interesting & protective.

Day-1: Gathering at Shorkhutay Ktm.
3 hours drive to Bimalnagar, lunch, 2 hours drive to besisahar (820m), 3-4 hour Rest at Lodge, wake up, fruits with tea/coffee, 4 hours adventure jungle walk for Puma Village, Welcome by villagers / dinner / Gurung culture, O/N. Puma. (1400m.)

Day 2: Wakeup call follow by tea/coffee, breakfast, viewing the Mt. Manasalu & Annapurna Ranges. Birds watching & jungle safari, lunch, rest 3-4 hours walk start for Ghalegaun- Ghanpokhara. (2016m.), 4 hours adventure jungle walk, welcome by villagers. Dinner/Rest. O.n> Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhra (2016-2100m)

Day 3: Wake up call follow by tea/coffee, viewing the Himalaya range vieweing the in 180?, Next to you. Sunrise, Marshyangdi river valley & many more, breakfast, village tour, tour to tea farm, Buddha Monastries, Talanyodaha, Lunch / 3 - 4 hour rest, 3 hours adventure jungle walk for roplay Phant, one hour walk at Khudi river bank, check in Khudi at a resort. (792m.), Dinner, Rest at 11pm.

Day 4: Whole day rest / you can choice tour to Buddha monastries, swimming at Natureri swimming poe, Birds watching, jungle safari, Bramhan class village tour, many more, Entertenement at Evening culture dances, breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Day 5: Breakfast, 7 hours drive to Kathmandu, 4 hours drive to Pokhara, 5 hours drive to Chitwan National Park, Lunch at on the way.

home / slim way treks

(10 Night, 11 Days)

Some peoples of developed countries are exceptionally over weight due to their portentous & chemically preserved dieting habits. So they themselves are becoming the home of different diseases. Such individuals need 3-4 hours daily walk along with organic food, massage with medicinal oil, to maintain their health condition. So this slim way trek is especially for those heavy persons.

Day-1: 3 hour drive for Bimal nagar from Kathmandu, lunch, 1 hours trek, tour to Siddha Cave, (The Biggest Cave of Asia) 2.5 hour drive to Khudi, Lamjung, Evening walk at Khudi area, Dinner/Slide show program about Gurung life style, culture program, rest O.N. Khudi (792m)

Day 2: Wakeup, breakfast, 2 hours treks for Batasay Cave, Khudi Hydro Project, Damp site & power house site, lunch, return back Via Tarapu village tour to Buddha Monastries, Swimming at Natureal swimming pool, dinner / culture show. Rest O.N. Khudi. (792m.)

Day 3: Breakfast, 1.5 hour treks for roplay phant 3 hours treks for Bhalam chaur village, welcome by villagers with Nepali music, (Panche Baja), chekin, tour to village, dinner, rest O.N. Bhalam Chaur (1350m.)

Day 4: Wakeup call breakfast, 2 hours walk for chautara viewing the Marshyangdi river valley & mt. Manasalu range, 2 hours walk for Ghale gaun, welcome by villagers with culture program, lunch, checkin, rest, evening sight scene dinner, rest O.N. Ghalegaun. .

Day 5:
 Weak up call follow by tea, morning sight scenes (Sunrise, Mt. Annapurna & Manaslu range, 13 districts hills)
Breakfast, tour to Tea firm, Buddha Monasties, Talanyo daha, lunch, viewing Gurung life style, Ghalegaun village tour, Gurung culture program, dinner, rest O.N. Ghanpokhara. (2100m.)

Day 6:
 Wake up call follow by tea, Breakfast, 2 hours treks for Baghum (1650m.), Village tour, lunch.
1 hour walk for Chautara, 2 hours walk for Ghalegaun, dinner/rest.

Day 7:
 Breakfast, 2.5 hours treks for Kapur Gaun, Lunch, 1 hour treks for Baglungpani, 2.5 hours treks for Nalma, Evening sight scenes, dinner/ rest. (1400m.)

Day 8: 
Wake-up call follow by tea, breakfast, 3 hours treks for Shaulibazaar, lunch, 3 hours, treks for Karapu (bank of the Madi river), 3 hours drive to Pokhara, Dinner/rest.

Day 9:
 Wakeup call follow by tea/coffee, breakfast, 2.5 hours treks to Sarangkot, viewing the Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Pokhara valley, Drive to Lakeside/lunch, 1.5 hours treks to world peace Monastries, tour to David falls, return back room, dinner/rest.

Day 10:
 Wakeup call, 2 hours walk for Mountain Mesium, Tour to Mahendra Cave by drive, Tour to Gurung mesuim by drive, half hours treks for lake side tour to Barahi temple, dinner/rest.

Day 11:
 Breakfast, 7 hours drive to Kathmandu departure.

Vergin Route Trek

     Annapurna round trek has been destroyed due to the development of roads which creates not only pollution, but also lost chariness of natural trekking. So to have the real taste of trekking we have developed 3 new routes which are lashed with lots of natural heritage like rivers, lakes, mountains, floral faunal varities along with Gurung cultural activities.
Such trips are very adventerous and are well organised. This journey is completed generally in 11 days but can be extended up to 14 - 16 days? Which goes as follows:

 Khudi- Ghalegaun, Ghanpokhara-Dudhpokhari- Lamjung base camp Trek 
(10 nights,11 days)

     Among lots of our attempts since last 3 year we are organising the Dudhpokhari Festival. Dudhpokhari is borderline of Manang, Kaski and Lamjung. Mountain views, wild lives, natural sceneries are specialties of the very place.

The program is focused to the one who is interested in Himalayan culture, lifestyles and more else in finding new destinations. Itineraries of our trip is mentioned below:

Day-1 Kathmandu to Besisahar-Khudi travel by bus and tour to Khudi Bazar(792m) and Buddha Monastery, slide show program.

Day-2 5 hours adventure mountain trek for Ghalegaun.Tour to Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhar and viewing the many natural scenes, Gurung cultural dance overnight Ghalegaun(2016m)-Ghanpokhara (2100m) 

Day-3 6 hours adventure mountain jungle walk for Rabrachu(3150m)

Day-4 5 hours adventure Mountain walk for top of Khudi(3800m)
Day-5 5 hours adventure Mountain walk for Thorju(4500m)

Day-6 Tour to Dudhpokhari (5300m) and Haas Pokhari (4500m) overnight Thorju.

Day-7 5 hours adventure Mt. Walk for Lamjung Base camp (4150m) Thulo Layk.

Day-8 6 hours adventure Jungle walk for Korikharka(3100m)

Day-9 5 hours adventure Jungle walk for Tang Ting or Sikles (1980m)
Day-10 3 hours walk and 4 hours travel by bus for Pokhara

Day-11 Travel by bus for Ktm.

Khudi- Ghalegaun, Ghanpokhara-Dudhpokhari- Namul La Pass 
(10 nights,11 days)

       Namun La (5560m) Round is situated in more height than Thorang Pass (5416m) and the trip from Khudi to Khudi is of 10-14 days. The route is only favorable to trek from early Asadh to the last of Kartik (i.e. Mid June to mid November).And its prior to develop the very route as alternate route of Annapurna round.


Day-1 Kathmandu to Besisahar- Khudi travel by bus and tour to Khudibazar (792m) and Buddha Monastery,slide show program.

Day-2 5 hours adventure mountain trek for Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara. Tour to Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara and viewing the many natural scenes.Gurung cultural dance over night Ghalegaun (2016m) -Ghanpokhara

Day-3 6 hours adventure mountain Jungle walk for Rabrachu(3150m)

Day-4 5 hours adventure Mountain walk for top of Khudi(3800m)

Day-5 5 hours adventure Mountain walk for Thorju(4500m)

Day-6 Tour to Dudhpokhari(5300m) and Haas Pokhari(4500m) overnight Thorju.

Day-7 4 hours adventure mountain walk cross the Namun La(5560m) 2 hours walk for Danfe Kharka (3800m) 

Day-8 5 hours Jungle walk for Temang(2270m)

Day-9 7 hours walk for Jagat(1300m) Bankof the Marshyangdi river

Day-10 7hours walk for Khudi(792m) Bank of the Marshyangdi river

Day-11 Travel by bus for Ktm./ Pokhara / Chitwan National Park for

 Great Himalayan Culture Route (Pokhara-Shyange) 
(11-14 days)

     In fact, constriction of roads are symbol of development, however such roads completely scrumbled the natural charmness & beauty of the trekking in world famous Annapurna circuit. We have laboured hard for years to develop alternate routes to keep the natural trekking alive. Among these routes Pokhara - Shyaghe route is one option for every brave, adventerous and natural beauty lovers. 

Day 1 : Half hour drive, 2 hour walk for Begnas village (850m.)

Day 2 : 5-7 hour adventure walk for Gahatay, Pakhurikot & Nagidhar (1460m.)

Day 3 : 5 - 6 hour adventure jungle walk for Sindhi or Pasgaun (1650m)

Day 4 : 5 - 6 hour adventure jungle walk for Bhujung (1500m)

Day 5 : 3 - 4 hour walk for Ghanpokhara, Naun or Ghalegaun (2016m)

Day 6 : 6 - 7 hour adventure mountain jungle walk for Probi (1720m)

Day 7 : 4 - 5 hour adventure jungel walk for Jimdo (1780m)

Day 8 : 5 - 6 hour adventure mountain jungle walk for Siurung (1854m.)

Day 9 : 4 - 5 hour adventure walk for Mepra, Syange or Ghermu (1100m.)

Day 10 : 4 - 6 hour walk for Bahundada, Nagdi, Bhulbhule, Khudi (792m.)

Day 11 : Drive to KTM / NGR / PKR

The Environment Conservation

Today nature, the only source of human society and civilization, is being destroyed all over the world. All of us have to sincerely participate in the campaign to conserve this invaluable nature from our respective places. To this end, our venture expresses the commitment that ten percent of its income will be set aside for environment conservation. If we make money by displaying natural gifts like snow-capped mountains, rivers, lakes and wild animals and birds, it becomes our bounden duty to protect and promote them.

We are associated with the environmental conservation organisation, which goes by the name "Environment protection and promotion association of Nepal (EPPAN). We think that it should be the prime motto of each individual to protect this world from destruction. Global warming is creating hindrances to the lives in this Earth. Big organizations are working day & nigh to decrease the green house effect. "Qyoto protocol" & recent" Bali (Indonesia) environmental summit are the proofs, realizing all these crises our organization has promised to invest 10% of its benefit for environmental protection.

We believe in practical way rather than theoretical. So our objectives are as follows:
1. To Organize environmental awareness programs among the students.
2. To help, development of community forestry.
3. Plantation besides rivers & highways.
4. Conservation of flora & faunal.
5. Conservation of mountains, rivers, lakes and pollution control.
6. To conduct women awareness programs about environment
7. To organize mass awareness programs about the protection of environment, natural resources & its wise consumption.


1. We want to cope with Europe, .America, Japanese & other developed countries agencies for the promotion of our above mentioned products.
2. Environmental problem being a global problem, should be world wide. So such organizations should be interlinked and work together to save this unique living planet.