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Green Hiker Treks and expedition .It is the local trekking agency in Nepal. We offer you one of the best service like trekking and expedition package and Rafting,Jungle safari, Mt.Flight, paragliding,  Hotel Reservation, Bungy Jump, Sightseeing, mountian biking ,and Air Ticketing(Dom/Int'l) .We Also  originatized the international country tours like Tibet Bhutan and India. We ensure you have a happy and enjoyable holiday in Nepal.

As a Nepal Trekking Agency, Green Hiker Treks is registered with Government of Nepal. It is the government licensed Holder Company in Nepal and is a member of TAAN (Trekking agency ‘association of Nepal.)   KEEP (Kathmandu Environment Educational Program) NMA (Nepal mountaineering Association). Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF-Nepal), sustainable Tourism Network (STN) NTB (Nepal Tourism Board).

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Once you originatized your treks tours and expedition with green hiker treks company.All profit money doesn’t go to particular.10% of our net profit it is contributed to responsible social work. Like saving wild animal’s life and forest, nature.We are searching new trekking trail. We will help to stop landslide and deforestations.We go to every countryside village.Then we give education about environment save.We do activities such as tree plantations and clean river, stream, water source etc. we also promote the healthy life for every people of every where . 

Trekking in Nepal

That one in four visitors to Nepal go trekking should say something about the popularity of this activity in the Himalayan country. Most treks go through altitudes between 1,000 and 4,000 meters, while some popular parts reach over 5,000 meters. It’s not only the stunning landscapes on the trail that captivate the trekkers but also the people from different ethnic groups with whom they meet on the way – a rare opportunity to experience Nepal’s rich cultural diversity. And what better way than walking to see and experience it. The most popular trekking routes have traditionally been the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. But now the Kanchenjungha in the extreme east and Dolpo in northwest Nepal are gaining ground as new popular destinations. More recently, the government has developed a number of heritage trails in different parts of the country where you can combine a trek with a peek into the cultures of the local communities. And for those with the time and the stamina, there is The Great Himalayan Trail that stretches 1,700 km from Kanchenjungha in the east to Humla in the west – a trek that will take months to accomplish.

All trekkers are required to obtain the TIMS card before embarking on their trip. To trek in protected areas region one must acquire the entry permit by paying Entry Fees to enter the particular National Park or Protected Area. To get access to the areas restricted by the Government of Nepal, one must acquire the Trekking Permit to the area.

Tour in Nepal

Nepal is one of the cultural and lifestyle rich countries in south Asia. Tour in Nepal is one of the good ways to explore the nature, Himalayan culture, regions, and heritage.  Green hiker treks $ expedition it offers you one of the best tours packages like sightseeing, cultural tour, pokahara tour , chitwan tour, janakpur tour ,lumbini tour, and around Kathmandu tour and other destination in Nepal.  Nepal tour offer you to learn culture, heritage, lifestyle, religion and social and behavioral practices of the people of Nepal.

Around the kathmandu valley 

This small, mountain- sheltered valley is the historical centre of Nepal, the place where kingdoms rose and fell palaces and temples where built, destroyed and rebuilt, and nepali art and culture were developed and refined.

The two major cities in the valley (apart from Kathmandu)-patan and Bhaktapur are both fascinating in their own right. patan, the second –largest city in the valley , is separated from Kathmandu by a river, but in other respect the two cities are virtually continuous .Bhaktapur , the third largest , it towards the eastern end of the valley and its relative isolation is reflected in its slower pace and more distinctly medieval atmosphere.

The valley beyond the cities has certainly changed over the years, and not always for the better, especially along the roads. Fortunately, however, aspects of traditional life are maintained as the people of the valley coax their livelihood from the land, and the timeless demands of the fields, the family and the gods are still major priorities.

You can find good treks in the valley, ranging from day walks to more ambitious hikes. Some of trekking possibilities are described in this chapter.

The ancient Buddhist stupa of swayambunath, a dramatic spot within walking distance of central Kathmandu, is probably the best –know site in Nepal: it attracts constant stream of worshippers. The hilltop site offers a fine view over the valley that is helpful for orienting yourself if you’ve just arrived.

The most important Hindu temple is pashupatinath, on the eastern side of kathmandu near Tribhuvan Airport. it,s a center for pilgrims from all over the subcontinent a vist here can be combined with Budha(Bodhnath), another buddhist stupa and the centre for a thriving Tibetan community.

if don't have the opportunity to trek elsewhere,it is especially worth visiting one of the famouse viewpoint on the rin of the valley, from where you can see the snow peaks of the Himalaya . There are numerous lodges and hotel at Nagarkot and also at Dhulikhel, and a few at kakani.

if you have more time,there are less well know, although important, temples such a changu Narayan, north of Bhakatapur and treasure house of Nepal art: Dakshinkali, in the south -westren coner of the valley and the site for animal sacrifices to kali and Budhanikantha, north of Kathmandu, with a massive 1400-years-old statue of vishnu. There are many more .

The smaller towns and viallges have tended to retain a more traditional Newari lifestyle - consider visiting kirtipur (south west of kathamndu),sankhu(north-east of Bhaktapur) or panauti (ouside the valley near Banepa , south -east of Bhakatapur). There are many more alternative. 

Nepal Jungle Safari

The tropical jungles of Nepal’s Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitats of South Asia. Some of the wildlife attractions of Nepal’s jungles include the rare one-horned rhinoceros, the elusive Royal Bengal tiger, snow leopard, red panda and musk deer. Jungle safaris can be enjoyed on elephant back or in jeeps at Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, all located in the Terai. The national parks provide a wide range of tourist facilities in and around the areas.

Rafting in Nepal

Nepal has earned the reputation of being one of the best places in the world of rafting. It mountain scenery has drawn trekkers as well as climbers for many years; these same mountain shape an incredible variety of white –water challenges for paddlers.

A series of the world ‘s most outstanding river journeys are found here, ranging from steep, adrenaline –charged mountain streams to classic big volume wilderness expedition . The combination of spectacular rivers, mountain scenery and a rich cultural heritage make Nepal an obvious river-runner’s destination.

No other country has such a choice of trips on Wild River with warm water, a subtropical climate (with no bugs) and huge beaches with white sand that are ideal for camping. 

Nepal is a river runner's paradise - no other country has such a choice of multi-day trips, away from roads, in such magnificent mountain surroundings, with warm rivers, a semi tropical climate, impressive geography, exotic cultures, wildlife and friendly welcoming people! But it's not just the rivers - as anyone who has been there will tell you, Nepal is a magnificent holiday in its own right - a fairy tale land of temples, mountains, dramatic festivals, exotic culture, colorful people, medieval villages, superb craft shopping, great food and sights - the bonus is some of the World's best rivers! Rafting in Nepal is usually a 'wilderness' experience in that most rivers don't have highways alongside them - but it's a soft, tamed, wilderness with white beaches for camping, clean blue rivers, friendly locals and few 'nastiest - someone described it as 'blissful escapism'! Incredibly inexpensive, Nepal is a peaceful democratic country where rafters and kayakers get a warm welcome as one of the best forms of ecotourism. White water rafting means cruising down a rushing river in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak over crashing waves and swirling rapids for the excitement of a lifetime. Nepal has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for white water rafting. Nepal's thundering waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafting and immersing oneself in the landscape. A rafting trip is bound to be the highlight of your stay in the country. Rivers are graded on a scale of one to six, with one being a swimming pool and six a one-way ticket to your maker. Four is considered to be quite challenging without being exceedingly dangerous to the novice rafter. Five requires some previous river experience. Here are some of the popular rafting trips: